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What is a sousou?

A sousou (SU-su) is a form of cooperative economics often used by West African and Caribbean women. It is a community pool of funds in which each participant makes an ongoing contribution. On a set date, those who have contributed receive a distribution of the entire pool's value. This system enables communities to save, support, and invest


sousou strategies story

Britt McClintock_edited.jpg

Britt McClintock

co-founder & strategist


Kala Stepter

co-founder & strategist


Month 20xx

"What things are considered to be "just the way it is" that we can actually change?"

Month 20xx

"We'll learn problem solving. Doesn't matter the subject, doesn't matter the topic. If we teach how to think, we can solve any problem."

Month 20xx

"What does it feel like when we fight with each other instead of against each other?"

Month 20xx

"How can we rebuild the foundation while the building is still standing?"

Month 20xx

"How do you take care of yourself while doing DEI work?"

Month 20xx

"If culture is "invisible" then why is it so influential to an organizations success?"

Future State

Text regarding the future goals for growth with sousou strategies

Month 20xx

Britt and Kala founded

sousou strategies.

Invest in the people on your team and move your organization forward.

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